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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Revenue Zone System work with B2C or eCommerce businesses? 

Yes, the Revenue Zone System can be used with B2C or ecommerce businesses and is particularly applicable when the products or services being sold are "considered purchases" meaning that there is buyer research and consideration that is conducted prior to making a buying decision. This is often the case with bigger-ticket purchases.

Does the Revenue Zone System work with Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

Yes, for sure! The Revenue Zone System is a perfect compliment and extension to an ABM strategy. Your Yellow Brick Road provides a framework and headstart for personalizing the buyer experience which is at the heart of a good ABN strategy.

I am a solo sales person, how can I use the Revenue Zone System to help me make more sales?

Definitely! The basic philosophy of the Revenue Zone System revolves around enabling the buyer. As a solo sales person, work out your "personal" Yellow Brick Road based on previous successful sales cycles and determine how you will act as a guide and trusted advisor to your prospect. Monitor your progress using the analytics and KPI's that are discussed in Chapter 8.

What can I do if my prospects are leaving my YBR and not coming back?

Remember that the Buyer’s Journey is a journey—not an event—that can take place over weeks or even months. Also keep in mind that typical B2B purchases have multiple people involved in the journey, so this can be hard to track and understand. Finally make sure you review Chapter 7 an dhave your RZ Tech Stack in place so you can monitor what is taking place.

What can I do if my prospects are not following the YBR sequence?

Not every prospect is going to follow your exact YBR sequence. However, if you are finding, by reviewing your website analytics and other data, that your sequence is way off track, then you will want to make some adjustments.

How do we deal with the fact there are multiple people involved in the prospect’s purchase decision? Should they all be following the same YBR?

In the early stages of your YBR, you should just define and implement one YBR sequence for all roles and monitor the results. Over time, you may find that you need to create variants of your YBR for some of the different prospect roles (such as for security, IT, etc.), but start with just a single YBR route.

A big part of our company’s revenue comes from selling more products and services to existing customers. Can the Revenue Zone Matrix and the YBR be used with existing customers?

Check out Chapter 6 which introduces the Revenue Expansion Flywheel for techniques and strategies for maximizing sales and predictable revenue growth with existing customers.

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