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The Top 10 Marketing Pain Points

We recently conducted an informal survey of B2B marketers to better understand what challenges they are facing and more importantly what “keeps them awake at night”.

Using the data and feedback we received we were able to assimilate a Top 10 list of “what keeps B2B marketers awake at night”.

Admittedly we were somewhat subjective in the order of our top 10 list but I think it is pretty close. Here goes…

#10 – Finding good talent

#9 – Obsolete, ineffective campaigns

#8 – Access to correct technology

#7 – Misalignment with sales

#6 – Keeping up with competition

#5 – Sufficient budget and resources

#4 – Inability to measure results

#3 – Lack of customer data

#2 – Role undervalued

#1 – Fear of layoffs in a downturn

Check out the video for more details on each of these items and please let us know your comments or if you think we are missing anything.

We plan to unpack each of these points in more detail in future posts.

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