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The New B2B Marketing Rules in the Revenue Zone With Neal Schaffer

Have you thought about how little control we have over the consumer or buyer these days?

With so many sources of information, a distaste for ads, and the popularity of social media, how does a company try to control the buyer's journey and buying cycle?

You can't. But if you embrace that fact, you'll find a whole world of possibility in marketing to a new generation of millennial buyers and influencers as well as transforming prospects and customers into your own sales team.

This fascinating interview with the author of The Revenue Zone: The Ultimate Playbook for The Next Generation of B2B Sales, Marketing and Predictable Revenue Growth, Tom Burton, will have you building our own yellow brick road in no time - and finding success in the digital and social media marketing of today.

Key Highlights

[01:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Tom Burton

[07:53] The Revenue Zone Defined

[14:09] The Three Rules on Engagement With Younger Audience

[16:21] Managing Expectations and Budget

[18:07] The Yellow Brick Road

[20:10] Building Library of Content

[21:25] Filling In Your Potholes

[30:29] Tom's Message for Small Business Owners

[32:25] Lead Smart Tool

[38:21] Connect With Tom

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